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Articles, interviews, media

“INTERVJU SA KRUNOM JOŠTEM, Intervju vodila Dora Tomić” -

“Ponuditi novu stvarnost” -

“Kulturu treba otvarati” -

“Internetski radiji – zakonom ignorirane oaze slobode misli i glazbene prostranosti” -

Volim raditi radio -

Radio bi trebao služiti slobodnoj komunikaciji, educiranju i dijeljenju znanja -

Počítačovo generovaní umelci (špeciálna sekcia) -


Collaborative, participative, interventions


In ART01 a research is conducted on self-organization and autonomy in art operating systems trough participating on events that are documented, initiated and organized. Focus of self organizing event is for group of artists, activists, theoreticians and others to create a specific environment for experimentation and creativity, where participants bring ideas on equal level, interact and collaborate.


CultureRobot is an artwork that has as much focus on the process of creation as it has on the final representation with interactive and participative action/installation. CR process starts with workshops that are open to everyone who wants to participate in collaborative mapping, examining, wondering, experiencing, researching and trying to understand cities, parks, beck- alleys, countries, borders, cultures, people… CR is open to any way of tracing and tracking that might be involved, from most simple drawing to complicated graph representing social interconnections. CR is social act of establishing an understanding.


Crashing a car into a wall is great for the economy: it provides work to the health industry, or the cemetery industry, and the car industry of course, and eventually construction, as someone probably needs to rebuild the wall. Going through the indicators promote that kind of vision of “destructive construction” that warmongers strive on: destruction provides an incentive to 'reconstruction', therefore cause an economy to grow, etc. Hellekin,, 2016.

De(con)structing Conformity - video documentation from GentleJunk on Vimeo.

Free traveling Radio

Mobile pirate media installation looking for participants and collaborators, expressing freedom in ether as well as inducing creative ad-hoc interventions.


Anonymous stamp is a participative artistic work where stamp is utilized as a graphical tool that is used to apply a print of the Anonymous mask. This mask is embodied in today culture of hacktivism, freedom thinking and multitude. Stamp is applied on everyday symbols of power – papers, bureaucratic papers, money notes, magazines in air-planes, etc. Anonymous group carries stamps and applies them – it becomes a virus, omnipresent.



Collaborative net art work, in the form of web-log (blog) aggregates visual images that function in Parataxis. Started by Ana Pečar and Kruno Jošt, open to collaborators.



Audio releases


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